Dan Belin, AICP, Joins VHB as Massachusetts Energy Market Leader

Dan brings deep experience and enthusiasm for his work to clients and colleagues alike

August 12, 2020

Dan Belin, AICP, Joins VHB as Massachusetts Energy Market Leader

VHB is pleased to welcome Daniel Belin, AICP, as our Massachusetts Energy Market Leader and national Power Delivery Practice Leader. Throughout his career, Dan has led business development and project delivery nationwide within the energy sector, including power delivery and electric transmission; distributed generation and microgrids; large-scale offshore and onshore wind, solar, gas, biomass and nuclear; and associated energy infrastructure.

In his role at VHB, Dan’s primary responsibilities involve client management and managing teams on permitting, siting, and construction of energy infrastructure projects.

“Dan’s vision and national experience delivering complex energy projects will allow us to grow our robust energy practice and continue to help our clients permit, site, and construct important energy projects throughout the region,” said Jacob San Antonio, Managing Director of Environmental Resources.

Dan has also worked with public and private sector companies, agencies, and NGOs to conduct NEPA environmental impact assessments; threatened and endangered species surveys; agency consultation (Section 7 ESA, Section 106 NHPA, Section 401/404 CWA); water quality management plans; habitat restoration; wetland delineations, permitting, and mitigation design and monitoring; Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and LiDAR analysis; and terrestrial and aquatic ecology.

“It is a challenging time to get integrated to a new company, but one of the primary reasons I chose VHB was because of its deep culture and strong core values. Those have been on full display in these trying times and have helped me to get established in the energy market and build a team of motivated and talented professionals. I’m quite excited for what the future holds.”

Dan has a BA in history and environmental studies from Yale University and earned an MS in forestry from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. In addition to volunteering in his local school district to introduce children to scientific and ecological principals in the natural world, Dan also serves on the Energy Leadership team for the Energy Resources Committee of the Environmental Business Council of New England.

Connect with Dan at dbelin@vhb.com.

Dan Belin showing children nature

  • Dan inspires the next generation of scientists through his volunteer work for The Big Backyard outdoor naturalist program at local schools.